The Great E-Trade Baby Crash of 2011

I knew it was just a matter of time before the bubble would burst…

Why do I like Houston?

Because all the celebrities come through town.

Yep, THE great-grandson of THE Jim Beam made an appearance this weekend at the Spec’s downtown.

Why Houston is home to the best park in the nation

This is the sign at the corner of Houston’s Market Square Park, managed by the Houston’s Historic District.

The whole park was redesigned last year and it’s a very nice space since its redesign.

It’s nicer still with the option of sangria and mimosas.

My new favorite special interest lobby: The Lard Information Council

If my journalism career goes to hell and I have to take a job in politics, I want to go work for these guys! The small print at the bottom says that this informative ad was paid for by the Lard Information Council.


(The ad, sadly, is actually a spoof from a 1992 edition of the British magazine Viz. It matters not. I will launch the lard lobby if need be. I will join forces with the margarine and artificial flavors lobbyists and we will be the kings of K Street.)

The TSA complaint form

The good news: I found Transportation Security Administration complaint forms after I went through  security at the airport.

The bad news: They don’t exactly give you a lot of room to complain.

Why can’t the TSA porn machine X-ray shoes?

A question: Why can’t the TSA’s full body scanners see through shoes? I went through the porn machine/body scanner today at the New Orleans airport but I still had to take off my shoes.

If my tax dollars paid for this state-of-the-art technology that is somehow unable to penetrate my sneakers, I want my money back.

Playing to your demographics

I thinks it’s pretty smart of the E! network to run a ‘Sex in the City‘ marathon during the Super Bowl. (Given who is playing this year, I’m actually toying with watching Carrie, Samantha and the gang.)


No joking! Hogaaaaaaan!

I’m pretty sure a sign similar to this one at a TSA airport security gate was also on display at Stalag Luft III. Or at least Stalag 13.

I need to start working from home more often

I’m hoping for a few more days of blustery conditions so I can work from home. Otherwise I might miss gems like this:

Don’t worry America. The father in question did not actually have 29 kids. DNA proved he sired a mere 28.

Whew! Ya dodged a bullet there!

My photo of the great Houston blizzard of 2011

If any media organization uses my photo of the great Houston blizzard of ’11, you MUST attribute Trent Seibert. Thank you.