Newspapering and NewsTechZilla

NewsTechZilla, a new website designed to help bloggers, citizen-journalists, and, for that matter, regular ol’ journalists with all kinds of techie issues, has published a piece I wrote about the decline of newspapers and how we might be able to deal with that.

That’s guys for allowing me to write something heartfelt, and to allow me to promote the work we’re doing at Texas Watchdog.

Also thanks to Newscoma, who’s helping launch NewsTechZilla.


2 responses to “Newspapering and NewsTechZilla

  1. Your welcome and thank you for your candor.

  2. Well put. Here’s another piece of bad news: Ian Marquand, one of the nation’s most prominent FOI advocates, was laid off by his TV station in Montana. The company said his position as special projects coordinator was the one the station could do without — in other words, the one that generates the biggest of the “Big J” journalism was the one they could let go of.

    I got to meet Mr. Marquand briefly back several years ago at an SPJ function. He seemed like a really nice man.

    More at

    — JP

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