New Jersey paper cites Texas, lingerie in calling for greater government transparency

The Daily Journal, one of the local newspapers covering the towns close to where I grew up in New Jersey, editorialized recently about the importance of government transparency.

Open government is good government. An open government is transparent, allowing citizens access to public records and information to find out how elected officials conduct the people’s business and spend taxpayers’ money.

Hear hear.

Interestingly, the paper cited Texas as one of the states where transparency has helped save money.

Such measures are apparently working in other states. The Texas comptroller said his state has saved $2.3 million, in part because it eliminated duplication. In Missouri, a line item for lingerie reportedly disappeared when the state created its Web site. We wonder what line items would disappear in New Jersey’s budget if the state passed its “Transparency in Government Act.”

I like the Missouri example better, though, because it’s the first time I’ve seen “government transparency” and “lingerie” referenced in the same news story.


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