Booing? In Nashville?

The gloves are off when it comes to politeness in my former home of Nashville. Last night the Preds were booed off the ice after getting a royal shellacking by the Atlanta Thrashers.

From The Tennessean’s Jessica Bliss:

Booed off the ice by a sellout Sommet Center crowd, the team did nothing to hide from its defeat.

“It’s embarrassing,” captain Jason Arnott said. “… I’m surprised they didn’t leave after the first period to be honest.”

Booing, though? I expect that from Philadelphia, where I also used to live. (Heck, I expect Philly sports fans to throw D batteries when things don’t go their way. Simply booing would be a good day in the City of Brotherly Love.) 

Maybe it’s getting to be a trend in Tennessee’s capital city. Boos cut through the applause and rained down on the state’s House of Representatives chamber when surprise Speaker candidate Kent Williams emerged victorious after some last-minute, behind-closed-doors wheeling and dealing.

The polictical boos are captured here via video through Ben Cunningham’s blog.


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