Jon and Kate plus hate

This would be on my list of favorite things to do someplace in between dropping a bowling ball on my foot and drinking ammonia:

The Chronicle’s Mom Blog reports that Kate Gosselin… that’s the Kate of Jon and Kate Plus 8, will be at the at the Barnes and Noble in Pearland Town Center Friday night from 6-9 p.m.

She will be signing copies of her book, Multiple Blessings. In the book Gosselin admits she’s a “bit of a control freak.” (MomHouston admits she knew that already.) In case you’re wondering Jon and the kids probably won’t be there, so the truly devoted fans of the show won’t get to see her yell or slap at him.

I don’t know exactly what my Friday evening has in store, but I can guarantee you it does not involve Pearland and the only thing I’ll be doing related to the number 8 will be downing at least that many vodka tonics somewhere downtown.


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