Drinking is bad for your health? That all depends now, doesn’t it?

In this case, whiskey saved a life.

From the London Metro:

A pensioner who got trapped under his own sofa survived for two and a half days by drinking a conveniently-placed bottle of whisky.

Joe Galliott first became ensnared by his sofa when he tripped over a phone cord during a power cut, sending him tumbling onto the sofa. This made the sofa flip over, landing on top of him and trapping him underneath.

While he was unable to get out from under the furniture, and had no food or water, Galliott was fortunate enough to have knocked a bottle of whisky within reach of his sofa-prison as he fell.

In other drinking/London-related news, I’ll have to get over my Amy Winehouse crush. She’s apparently fallen for a fitness instructor at a Caribbean villa. Sigh.


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