A government bailout for journalism?

Via Poynter, here is a Boston Globe column written by David Scharfenberg:

…there are ways to keep young journalists employed and, more importantly, to preserve the sort of journalism that keeps our democracy afloat.

Some have suggested changes in tax law that would make it easier for philanthropies to buy major news outlets, others favor a National Endowment for Journalism that newspapers could tap to pay for the investigative and international reporting now getting short-shrift.

But we need something bigger. Congress, intent on jump-starting the economy, should set aside $100 million – well under 1 percent of the stimulus approved by the House of Representatives and pending in the Senate – for a national journalism fund.

Ugh. This sounds like the worst idea in the world. How can journalists keep their integrity in reporting on Congress and the White House if they’re taking a buyout from the very people they should be covering?


One response to “A government bailout for journalism?

  1. How does NPR keep its objectivity in covering Congress? Doesn’t it get some federal money?

    How does Pro Publica keep its objectivity in covering Democrats when one of its major funders is a big Democratic funder?

    How does The Tennessean’s shopping diva keep her objectivity when the paper sells ads to stores?

    Somebody is always paying the bills.

    (I’m not supporting a bailout, I’m just saying it’s not that simple.)

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