At least when I’ve screwed up, they didn’t make a national holiday out of it.

Here’s your interesting fun fact for the day: March 5 is “Failed Coup Day” in Equatorial Guinea.

I’ve been trying to find out more about the origins of the holiday, but I’ve got to get to work. In the meantime why not lift a glass tonight to the failed coups d’etats of the world. Here are a few to toast:

In 2004, a rebellion in Chad tried to topple President Idriss Déby. Better luck next time, fellas.

In 2002, the Venezuelan military attempted to oust Hugo Chavez. That didn’t work out as expected.

 In 1981, a Spanish lieutenant-colonel and a band of supporters stormed the Congress of Deputies in order to overthrow the government. King Juan Carlos I denounced the coup and it soon fell apart. The first rule of coups is organization, guys!

In 1967 in Ghana, a group of junior officers of the Ghana Armed Forces tried to take over the government. The top plotters were later killed by firing squad. While crafting the plot, the junior officers named their coup attempt “Operation Guitar Boy.” The second rule of coups is to come up with an operation name a little tougher than “Operation Guitar Boy.”

If you have a favorite failed coup, feel free to list it in the comments section.


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