Chia-Obama is pulled from the shelves

Some poor entrepreneur woke up one morning with a heck of an idea, and then was crushed by the corporate automatons at Walgreens.

You all know Chia Pet… remember the commercial? Cha-cha-cha-chia! Soak your Chia; spread the seeds; keep it watered; and watch it Grow!

Well, the maker of Chia Pet — an outfit called Joseph Enterprises — is in the spotlight today because of its latest invention… (drumroll here) Chia Obama!

From the Tampa Tribune’s Ray Reyes:

Walgreens has ordered stores in Tampa and Chicago to remove the product, saying the ceramic planter molded in the apparent likeness of the president was not appropriate for sale.

“We decided to pull the product so we’re not subject to any political interpretation of the product,” Walgreens spokesman Robert Elfinger said.

Some customers gave Chia Obama favorable comments while others didn’t like it or found it had racist overtones, Elfinger said.

The founder of Joseph Enterprises says he’s just downright stunned.

“All I was doing was hoping this would be a vehicle for good,” Joe Pedott said. “I wanted it to be a statement saying, ‘I’m proud to be an American.'”

Joseph Enterprises gave Walgreen exclusive rights to sell Chia Obama, Pedott said. That changed Friday morning when Pedott received an e-mail from the drug chain’s top brass saying Chia Obama was not in line with Walgreens’ image, Pedott said.

“I’m sick. I’m scratching my head,” Pedott said. “I have the greatest respect for Walgreens. I don’t know what happened.”

Me neither, brother. Me neither. But here is my list of things I’m doing today:

1. Boycott Walgreens

2. Find myself a Chia Obama and sell it on e-bay. Since it’s banned, it will be worth a mint. Helllooo, early retirement!


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