I’ll bet this was a squeaker!


Surprise! North Korea’s Kim Jong Il was reelected to his country’s most powerful job.

From the Straits Timesof Sinapore:

Lawmakers yesterday reappointed Mr Kim as chairman of the powerful National Defence Commission, an appointment that makes him the nation’s top leader. Mr Kim is also the top official in the powerful Workers’ Party.

Of course, reelection is always a touch easier without opposition.

From a report on North Korea crafted by Human Rights Without Frontiers:

There is no organized political opposition, labor activism, or independent civil society. There is no freedom of information or freedom of religion. Basic services, such as access to health care and education, are provided according to a classification scheme based on the government’s assessment of an individual’s and his/her family’s political loyalty.

Only in America, of course, can a person vying for elected office lose while running against no opposition.


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