Swine flu is for punks


Swine flu? Give me a goddamned break. If you did any of these following things I will personally come to your house and kick your ass.

1. Buy one of those flu masks.

2. Sit rivited in front of CNN till three in the morning to see if Swine Flu has been reported in your town yet.

3. Accept hand-sanitizer from lobbyists.

Listen, they could call it super-duper-wowza-crazy man flu and guess what? It would still be the flu. Frankly, if the flu does kill anyone, it’s usually offing infants and the eldery… and trust me, we’ve got too many of both those annoying groups. (In fact, some idiot entitled parents who think everyone in the world wants to be around their brat brought their toddler into a fairly high-end bar I was sitting at yesterday. I kept coughing at them hoping their spawn would contract the frigging Swine Flu.)

Now when I was a kid, we had real diseases. Not this sissy flu shit all you kids are whining about today. Remember SARS? Remember that flesh-eating virus? How about the West Nile virus? Now that’s all pestilence you can write home about.

I will now list every disease/virus/condition more bad-ass than the Swine Flu:

Restless leg syndrome


Cold sores





 A scraped knee

I could keep going on forever, but I feel I might be coming down with carpal tunnel syndrome — and that’s even more bad-ass than your stupid Swine Flu.

Photo from AnA oMeLeTe’s Flickr photostream used via the Creative Commons license.

5 responses to “Swine flu is for punks

  1. Emmett Flatus

    Every government agency even tangentially involved in public health is touting their preparedness to deal with this “crisis” and will, of course, cite this in their next budget/funding request.

  2. niamh scullion bailes

    HEB has bulk face masks…20 for $5 or something. And people are actually buying!!!
    Does hand sanitizer even kill viruses. It only claims to kill 99.5% of bacteria…no mention of viruses.

  3. Swine flu joke below:

  4. Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. By the way you write things on your blog it seems you were born when the plague hit the world for the first time.

    Good times…..

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