Do you love to hate The Family Circus?


Like I’ve said before, reading the newspaper comics pages is one of my loves. It ranks right up there with my love of great tabloid headlines and dive bars.

But I have a pet peeve with outdated, stale comics that take themselves so seriously as to be laughable. (Paging Rex Morgan M.D. as an example, stat!)

That why one of my favorite Web sites of late is Dean’s Comic Booth. He takes the comic strips that deserve to be lampooned and twists them into something genuinely funny. Whatever big corporate conglomerate controlls comics, they need to pay this guy some serious cash because I now read the comics more fervently than ever, just so I can then rush to Dean’s site to get his crazed take on the strips.

Some of my favorite Dean take-outs include his twists on Pluggers:


Pluggers has always gotten on my nerves a bit because they portray white trash America as pets. My momma and poppa was nobody’s pet!

Dean’s view of Family Circus is a delight:


If you don’t hate Family Circus, well, that tells me all I need to know about you. Namely, it tells me I will hit you across the back of the head with a sock full of quarters when you’re not looking. And you will deserve it.

And if you read Funky Winkerbean regularly, you probably require Paxil by the handful. Indeed, this is pretty much how I feel after reading Winkerbean, so I find this ending Dean crafted for each Funky comic quite helpful:


Dean is great. Please check him out.


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