My frittata


Here’s a pic of the frittata I whipped up this morning with tomatoes and Parmesan cheese.

I cook to deal with the basic stress of life. Well, I drink, too. But cook as well.

This turned out to be a nice little meal this morning.

Back to work tomorrow. We’ve got a series of nice stories we’re rolling out on the news Web site I edit, Texas Watchdog.


5 responses to “My frittata

  1. Looks like a pizza.

  2. But you do have a pan, a real one.
    Congratulations are in order.


  3. I do have a pan. And more than one! If you had only stuck around with me I’d be cooking for you regularly. Alas, you fled back to Brazil.

  4. I was afraid of your cooking.
    You can’t blame me.

  5. Marrrrrvelous, darrrrrling! Someday, some way, you and I should get together and host an epic feast of “Big Night” proportions … we’ll just require a kitchen monitor to keep us away from the cooking sherry and the brulee torch … until it’s appropriate, of course

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