Comics that you don’t see on national TV but you should, Part I

Get to know these guys, because they will be rich and famous someday and you can say, “you knew them when…”

Or at least loan them some cash — which they probably need — and then when they don’t pay you back you can sue them for millions years from know when they’re fat and wealthy.

First off in my series of comics you should get to know… Red State Update.

These guys are brilliant. I love their humor. I can’t quite tell if they’re right-wing nutjobs or leftly wingbats and I think that’s great. (Maybe they don’t care about politics at all, but who cares. They are wickedly funny.)

They are from my former home of Tennessee, which is, perhaps, why I feel an affinity. They now live in Los Angeles, and I hope they get picked up by some major network.

I got hooked on them a few years back when they did a video that included a review of Brokeback Mountain. Check it out and then view every video they’ve done since.

Three of my personal favorite episodes:

Sheriff of Mousetown

George Tenet’s Sorry-Ass Book

Happy Independence Day From Red State Update

But check all their videos out.


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