Anyone know anything about the Great Tomball Parks Board scandal?

Calling Encyclopedia Brown. (Actually, my preference would be for the less-known Jupiter Jones, but either way…) I’m looking for some help in solving a mystery.

During a recent road trip I swung into Tomball, a city of about 9,000 a 40 minute drive north of Houston. I walked around for a bit and popped up to city hall. I’m a sucker for city halls. Weird, I know.

Anyhow, in front of Tomball City Hall is Heritage Plaza. It’s a small spot with flags, flowers and some benches. It was dedicated in 2002 and also contains a time capsule, according to the city of Tomball’s Facebook page.

There’s also a plaque at Heritage Plaza and it got my attention.

I noticed what appeared to be a smudge where the names are listed under the Parks Board section. I looked closer. It wasn’t a smudge.

A name had been removed… scraped off.

My mind raced. What might have happened? Was the Tomball Parks Board scandal so great — so embarrassing — to the good people of Tomball that the board member’s name had to be erased from the Heritage Plaza plaque?

Or is the current Tomball government taking a page from ancient governments and erasing the names of previous rulers from monuments?

I’d like to know what happened. If there are any adventurers out there solving mysteries — although that line of work has apparently fallen out of vogue with one ironic exception — please call.


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